A list of recent thoughts on various topics

Linting Datalog with clj-kondo
Title Linting Datalog with clj-kondo
Description We describe our implementation of Datalog linting in clj-kondo.
Author Christian Weilbach
Published 08 Nov 2019
Datahike Release 0.2.0
Title Datahike Release 0.2.0
Description Latest datahike version is released supporting schema flexibility and time travel
Author Konrad Kühne
Published 20 Sep 2019


We also share our knowledge on other platforms via posts, talks, screencasts or other content.

Scicloj Meetup Talk Slides
Title Scicloj Meetup Talk Slides
Description An introduction to datalog and datahike. Presented at the scicloj online meetup on 14 Oct 2019.
Author Konrad Kühne
Publisher Scicloj Meetup
An Introduction to the Hitchhiker Tree
Title An Introduction to the Hitchhiker Tree
Description The goal of the Hitchhiker tree is to wed three things: the query performance of a B+ tree, the write performance of an append-only log, and convenience of a functional, persistent data structure.
Author Christian Weilbach
Publisher Datopia blog
Rapid Web App Prototyping with Clojurescript
Title Rapid Web App Prototyping with Clojurescript
Description A short trip through web development via Om, a beautiful React-wrapper in Clojurescript, and replikativ, a simple synchronisation infrastructure.
Author Konrad Kühne
Publisher Personal blog